Perth, Western Australia -- July 12, 1999 -- Scott Kevill today announced the launch of GameRanger, the revolution in Macintosh online gaming, at <>. No longer are Mac gamers relegated to second-rate status with PC-centric online multiplayer services- now, they have one of their own. Using GameRanger, Mac gamers now have their own way of finding other gamers to compete against and trade info with.

GameRanger provides a completely customized Macintosh-friendly environment for players to meet worthy opponents, organize and play games, discuss strategies, and exchange tricks and ideas. Persistent player accounts, profiles, chat rooms, game rooms, audio voice chat, paging, server lists and powerful filtering are just a handful of the features GameRanger offers.

Right out of the gate, GameRanger offers support for 11 popular multiplayer Mac games: Civilization II Gold, Dark Vengeance, FutureCop: L.A.P.D., Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 3, QuakeWorld, Railroad Tycoon 2, Unreal and Warcraft II.

That's not all! Support will also be forthcoming for many more top Macintosh games, including Age of Empires, Alien vs Predator, Civilization: Call to Power, Falcon 4, Madden NFL 2000, Rainbow 6, and Total Annihilation.

The best part about GameRanger is that the public beta software can be downloaded and used for FREE! Visit <> for more details.

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