Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I change my nickname?
Select User Profile... from the Edit menu.
What does the green dot next to a game or person's name mean?
The green dot  Green Dot  means the game or person is currently playing.
I'm on a Mac. Can I play against my PC friends?
Yes! Some games offer cross-platform play between Mac and PC and are listed here. The others are not compatible at all, usually due to technical reasons with the games themselves. This is not a limitation of GameRanger.

Alternatively, if you have an Intel Mac, you can install Windows on it using Boot Camp, and play your PC friends with all games that way. You will need to get PC versions of those games.
Why should I upgrade to a Premium account?
You can compare the full list of features for Silver and Gold accounts here.
One of my games isn't supported. When will it be added?
GameRanger already supports over 700 games and there are a lot more to be added yet. Make sure you let the game developer or publisher know that you want to play their game on GameRanger, and this may speed up the process.
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